It was a time in which the beach was the exclusive domain of the lucky few. Swimming - it meant nothing more than carefully dipping your toes in the water, while wearing swimwear made of wool that camouflaged the contours of the body.


1916, the Netherlands. The world is changing fast. With cosmopolitan flair, Tweka takes the lead in the major swimming revolution in Europe from within a cotton jersey factory in the small town of Geldrop. It offered wearable and fashionable swimsuits in which you could actually swim. Swimsuits that unconsciously symbolise a new era in which equality and autonomy take pride of place.

With the widening of ideas, Tweka's bathing suits gradually became tighter. Sophisticated materials. Fine materials. Over time, Tweka's bathing suits also became more revealing and feminine. More distinctive in both colour and prints and with high-cut bottoms and low-cut tops.

For decades, Tweka's mantra has been form, function, fashion & forwardness. Starting with the Spring 2018 collection, Tweka will introduce a new design approach that honours the origins of our brand. With modern interpretations of classic Tweka styles. Distinctive graphics and colours, and with a touch of sportiness. We are proud to present the renaissance of a hundred-year-old icon.